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Teens charge & swing punches at NYPD in viral video, five officers injured in brawl


Five NYPD officers were injured during a melee in Hell’s Kitchen that involved a group of teens and a cab driver.

The fight began after the teens mistakenly thought the cab driver struck their 18-year-old friend with his cab, and NYPD were sent into the mix to break up the fight.

According to WINS, around four arrests were made following the afternoon altercation, and video footage was procured from the scene.

The incident took place at Eighth Avenue and 52nd Street.

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  1. This is EXACTLY how the L.A. riots jumped off. That officer in the beginning was flexing on a civilian and causing the crowd to go into a frenzy. That’s EXACTLY what happened in L.A. and when that shit went nuclear, there was no stopping it. NYPD is just as out of control as L.A.P.D was.

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