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Teens challenge deputy to street race, lose big


A man is accused of trying to street race a sheriff’s deputy in Oklahoma, which resulted in the deputy getting more than he bargained for.

Garfield County Deputy Darryl Beebe and his K9 were headed home after a long shift when the bizarre driving of another motorist in a red Camaro caught Beebe’s eye.

“Right about here he started to slow up a little bit. As I started to pull along beside him he started to rev his motor and proceeded to try to engage in a way that would get me to try to street race him I guess,” the deputy remarked.

That is when Beebe said the “race” became a pursuit.

“Basically right up here is where I caught up to him and he looked over and they dropped their heads and slammed on their brakes. They pretty much knew that they’d been caught,” Beebe said.

When the Camaro came to a stop, Beebe said that the three 18-year-old occupants were unaware of the race.

“After talking to [the driver] about it, I asked him what the deal was and why he was trying to street race, and his reply was he didn’t know law enforcement was beside him,” Beebe said.

Also found in the vehicle was a bottle of scotch and a “fairly big bag” of marijuana, estimated at about 25 grams.

According to KFOR, the 18-year-olds insist that they were not trying to race, with one saying the story was “hyped” up.

Still, the deputy believes that this is no excuse.

“They could have killed somebody. Not only somebody else, but themselves,’ Beebe said.


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