Home News Teens assault 62-year-old man asking them to leave his property

Teens assault 62-year-old man asking them to leave his property


A 62-year-old Syracuse man found a group of students loitering on his front lawn. When he asked them to leave one girl slaps the man on the face. They start to run away and he chases them when the other girl punches him from behind. The crowd watching the incident laugh, shout and egg the girls on.

He tries to use his cane to defend himself but the girls run down the street. As he runs to catch up to them he falls to the ground and the group is heard laughing at him. He recovers and runs after the girls who assaulted him but they get away.

A bystander, Ja’Meeka Price, caught the attack on video and posted it to her Facebook page saying, “This is the video of the kids from Cocoran High School who assaulted this old man. I have given it to the local Syracuse news & police who I hope will get justice for this man…This is sad, ignorant & disgusting! Please share in hopes that it lands in the right hands & these children are held accountable!”

According to Syracuse.com, officer Matthew Tynan responded to the call, the old man explained that he politely asked the girls to leave who were trespassing on his front lawn before one the assault took place.

Screen shot from video
Screen shot from video

Syracuse Police could not identify the suspects in question and handed the investigation over to detectives working with the Syracuse City School District.

The girls were identified and two suspects ages 14 and 15 were arrested and are being charged with third-degree assault and a misdemeanor. They were released into the custody of their parents awaiting trial.

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