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Teenager provides backup for Texas Deputy


When a Texas teenager provided backup for a law officer pumping gas alone in the rain near Houston, the deputy snapped a selfie of the two of them and shared it on her Facebook page and is now hitting national media.

Harris County Deputy Constable Tommi Jones Kelley posted the photo saying, “This teenager I’ve never met before is standing right behind me & says, ‘Ma’am, do u mind if I stand here behind you while u get ur gas?'”

When she asked him why the teen, identified as Mckinley Zoellner, simply answered “to make sure you stay safe!” Kelley wrote.

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  1. Great Kid! Kudos to his parents for raising him right!!! I hope he has a long and happy life… just… WOW!
    Gives us all hope for the next generation!
    Retired Police Officer (22 yrs.)