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Teen passenger refuses to comply with officer “until his mom arrives,” dose of Edison’s Medicine changes his mind


A demanding 17-year-old who refused to exit a vehicle until his mother arrived ended up getting a shocking lesson in why you should act like an adult when police ask you to step out of the vehicle.

The young man was the passenger in a vehicle driven by a rather hostile teenage girl, and was asked to exit the vehicle during the stop after the officer smelled marijuana.

Amidst the demands and shouts from the misinformed youth, the officer calmly attempted to explain why they were being detained, but to no avail.

“Until my mother gets here, no one is to touch me, you understand?” the male passenger demanded.

Refusing to leave the vehicle until his mom arrived (on the grounds that he was seventeen years of age), the young man resisted attempts to remove him from the vehicle, resulting in him being sprayed in the face with OC.

“I’m seventeen years old, stop it!” the young man said over and over.

“Get out of the vehicle now,” the officer said, attempting to remove the young man and warning that he would be Tased.

“You’re gonna get Tased,” the officer said.

The teen resisted attempts to remove him a third time, resulting in him being tased.

Despite being Tased, the kid continued to repeat that he was “seventeen years old” and refused to get out of the car.

After a second zapping, the officers managed to extricate him from the vehicle, putting him on the ground.

“Relax, bro, relax,” the officer said.

“I’m seventeen years old,” the kid repeated.

“It doesn’t matter at this point,” the officer said as they cuffed the teen. “Relax.”

The teenager continued to tell everyone how old he was, telling the officers they would be sorry.

All in all, the defiant passenger told police how old he was over eighteen times: seventeen and “one to grow on.”

It is unknown where the video took place before it was uploaded to the internet, though one thing is for certain: somewhere in America, there’s a seventeen-year-old who learned the hard way about resisting and failure to obey orders.

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  1. Well, in Missouri that’s the magic number that makes you an adult when it comes to crime. Any kid who’s been arrested knows it too. They do occasionally forget when they have had their birthday but favorite officers who have locked them up numerous times only to see nothing happen usually do not and occasionally have been seen cackling all the way to the station while said new adult sobs loudly in the backseat.

    • This young FOOL who thinks that at 17 y/o he knows everything & Law is in for a rude awakening. The rest of America’s Law Enforcement needs to start doing the same as we do in Missouri, instead of trying to be “politically correct”! LMMFAO @ this young fool


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