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Teen admits to blackmail, editing video to make it sound like UK officer threatened to rape her

Now 20-year-old Georgia Harris, who blackmailed a UK police officer.  Credit: Facebook.
Now 20-year-old Georgia Harris, who blackmailed a UK police officer. Credit: Facebook.

A teenage waitress in the United Kingdom edited a video in order to make it sound as if a Metropolitan Police officer was threatening to sexually assault her, while demanding the Bobby pay over $300 to prevent the video from being released.

20-year-old Georgia Harris was sent to a young offender’s institution for eight months after admitting to blackmail, her case being heard on Wednesday.

Harris, who was nineteen and working at a club in Essex, recorded the officer answering her question of what would legally happen if he forced himself upon her.

Georgia Harris.  Credit: Facebook.
Georgia Harris. Credit: Facebook.

Editing the video out of context and claiming she was fifteen years of age, Harris then texted the officer, saying she would release the recording to police if he did not put £250 (around $309) in her bank account.

Upon review of the video, the court noted the edited clip made it sound like he said “I’d be raping you,” with Harris replying in-recording “I don’t want you to rape me.”

When confronted with the blackmail threat, the officer immediately went to his supervisors.

Harris pleaded guilty to her crime, admitting it was a mistake.

“I was not in my right mind,” she wrote. “After all, who blackmails a police officer?”

The officer claims Harris was always asking about money and that her actions made him feel “trapped in a corner.”

“I am extremely disturbed by this and feel it has affected me personally with trust issues and has made me realise [how] vulnerable I can be,” he said.

Judge Jeremy Carey said he had no choice but to put Harris behind bars and commended the officer on his response to the threats.

“The officer is to be commended for the measured way in which he has expressed the extent of the impact upon him,” Carey said. “The reality is, as you well know, that he was particularly vulnerable because of his position as a serving police officer. In other words, the mere use of this material, misleading as it was, would have resulted, had it gone any further, in at least a suspension and an investigation.”

Harris reportedly prodded the officer for several months in order to execute her blackmail plan. They had met up a few times before the officer told her not to contact him anymore.

Harris’ lawyer -Edward Duncan Smith- placed the burden of her actions upon psychological issues and alcohol abuse, adding that she is now sober and has been seeking medical attention. He considers the matter a situation gone out of control.

“It snowballed. She has expressed to me a high level of genuine shame for her behaviour. It was out of character.”

According to the Mirror, Harris risks losing her job and being kicked out of the family home in the wake of her sentencing.


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