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Teachers complain about bruising after being shot with pellets ‘execution style’ by police during active shooter training


The Indiana State Teachers Association wants the state to add safety rules for teachers included in active shooter drills after a group of elementary teachers were forced to kneel against a classroom wall and were shot in the back with plastic pellets.

According to the Indy Star, the sheriff’s deputies yelled at the teachers saying ‘this is what happens if you just cower and do nothing.’

Many of the teachers complained to their co-workers and the union saying they suffered welts and bruises that lasted weeks.

The teacher’s union thinks the deputies conducting the training went too far and physically harming the teachers. It wants lawmakers to put in a clause saying teachers cannot be harmed.

Thousands of schools across the country are signing up for ALICE training, a program that educates teachers and students how to react to an active shooter situation, including rushing the shooter.

Shooting the teachers with plastic pellets is not typically part of the training.

The White County Sheriff did confirm that his office ran the training in question and says some of his deputies have used airsoft guns before.

He says he was at the school briefly on that day, but not when the teachers were shot.

Since the complaint, his deputies no longer shoot the teachers with the plastic pellets.

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  1. You know, I’ve been doing active shooter training for schools for years and the only person that ever got hurt was the lady who tripped on a curb coming back from lunch.

    Some people mistake training civilians for training officers. It is an entirely different scenario with entirely different desired responses.

  2. 1. When did Airsoft guns become pellet guns? 2. Next time show them a PowerPoint and have done with it. You’re trying to keep them alive and they’re complaining the training is too realistic.

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