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Teacher hit in the face with a brick, attacked by parents for confiscating girl’s cell phone during class


An elementary school teacher in Pittsburgh was brutally attacked by the parents of one of her students, because she took the student’s cell phone away during class.

The teacher, 46-year-old Janice Watkins took the girl’s cell phone because she was using it during class and the school has a strict policy against their use.  The girl allegedly bit the teacher as she took the phone away.

That afternoon, as the teacher left school to visit a doctor regarding the bite-mark, the girl’s mom, and at least one other male followed her in their car.

When Watkins approached a traffic light, the girl’s mom hopped out of her car and threw a brick at Watkins, hitting her in the face.

“I put my window down and the woman threw a brick through my window,’ Watkins relayed to CBS Pittsburgh.  Watkins mom said her daughter was then hit in the back by two men.

Watkins his now in the hospital with facial injuries and had a tooth knocked out.

According to Pittsburgh Action 4 News, Daishonta Williams, 29 (the girl’s mother) has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, stalking, terroristic threats and recklessly endangering another person. Authorities are still looking for another man that allegedly also attacked Watkins.

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  1. The supreme irony of all this is that it started at Martin Luther King Jr. Elementary School.
    I wonder what Dr King is thinking right now.
    I’m weeping in my soul.

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