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Taser changes name to Axon, offers free body cameras to all law enforcement agencies for 1 year


The Taser company has decided to change its name- and issue body cameras to any department that wants them.

As of tomorrow, Taser International will be known as Axon (NASDAQ ticker AAXN), a change in name to reflect the expansion of their products beyond the less-lethal devices they built their empire on.

“The Taser brand is a product brand,” said Chief Executive Officer Rick Smith. “People don’t think of cloud software or sensor devices and the many things we now do.”

Taser- we mean Axon, will also be attempting to solidify their standing with law enforcement through the use of body cameras. In fact, over  36 of the 41 national departments who bought body cameras are using Axon-brand cams.

The idea to give out free-cameras in order to boost sales was borne from the loss of a handful of high-bid contracts.

This boost in body-camera sales may also be related to Axon’s “generosity,” issuing body cameras for free in order to secure more contracts, something competitors (like Safariland) say is a “desperate attempt to circumvent the process designed to ensure fair treatment of all vendors.”

According to Bloomberg, Smith says Axon is prepared to handle anti-competition accusations and has “plenty of lawyers from our Taser side of the business.”

You can view the details of Axon’s offer here, as well as fill out an application for your department.

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