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Tased and Disorderly: Video shows car thief stepping on the gas and running over an officer

YouTube video

The Sacramento Police Department has released a new video showing a suspected car thief disobeying an officer’s orders, getting tased, and still able to put his foot on the gas pedal in an attempt to flee.

According to KCRA, the incident happened earlier this month. Police say they responded to a stolen car call on February 8th. A woman said she had brought in some items from her car into her home and when she was coming out to get the rest, saw the suspect Clayton Freeman get in the car and drive away.

Police located the vehicle nearby and attempted to arrest Freeman. During the confrontation, Freeman moved from the backseat of the vehicle to the front, started the car, and ignored the officer’s commands. The first officer called for backup and used his taser to try to subdue Freeman.

Freeman eventually fought off the officer and attempted to get away, but not before striking a responding officer in the leg with the stolen vehicle. Officers then used their weapons and fired 15 shots at Freeman. He was struck and transported to a local hospital for treatment.

Freeman is currently in custody and still alive. He faces multiple charges.

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