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Take Down: UFC Hall of Famer arrested for DUI with help of ‘jeep convoy,’ truckers


Several dutiful citizens of Nevada and the Nevada Highway Patrol took down a legendary UFC fighter after he was spotted driving recklessly at high speed- and the apprehension was captured on film by a 10-year-old boy.

Stephan “American Psycho” Bonnar was reportedly driving under the influence on Sunday afternoon, hitting speeds of over 90 MPH.

Bonnar was driving a red Cadillac when he crossed the path of a Jeep driven by witness Katie Dyer, whose 10-year-old son ultimately ended up filming the incident.

“If nobody had stopped him I think he would be dead,” she told the New York Post. “He was going to hit something, whether it was a car or a wall, and another person could have died.”

Fortunately, Dyar was part of a Jeep club convoy, who selflessly used their own vehicles to herd Bonnar’s vehicle into a position where he had to stop.

“We have radios so we said, ‘Who is calling the police?’” Dyer recalled. “One of our people caught up to him and he seemed to be laying down. He wasn’t sitting up in the driver’s seat. He was going from shoulder to shoulder, from the emergency lane all the way across.”

Seeing what was going on and knowing they too had a duty to perform, passing truckers arranged their trucks to halt the convoy, ensuring there was nowhere to go.

“Two truckers had slowed down to stop him,” Dyer said. “We carried on and boxed our Jeeps around him. There were six of us. We slowly stopped with the box around him.”

NHP quickly responded to the scene, cuffing Bonnar as plaid-clad Jeepers held him down.

The 41-year-old UFC legend appeared too intoxicated to put up any real resistance, but was nonetheless a dangerous individual to wrangle and his hands were tied to the door until police arrived.

“We literally had to tie his arms to his door,” Dyer said. “We have ratchet straps that we would use for luggage, so we tied his right arm to his right door frame and his left arm to his left door frame.”

The Jeep convoy’s quick thinking, radio network and courageous crew members ultimately were to thank for saving the day.

NHP Trooper Jason Buratczuk spoke of the incident in a statement to the press.

“When the trooper arrived on scene he observed the driver of the Cadillac had been physically restrained by citizens and appeared to be incoherent,” he said, adding that Bonnar reeked of alcohol and displayed signs of intoxication.

Bonnar allegedly remains in custody since the Sunday incident, with bail set at $22,000.

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