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‘Swing Set Samantha’ arrested for impersonating an officer while cussing out kids at park


A Texas woman known for screaming at children while at a Fort Worth park has been arrested and charged for impersonating a public servant.

Samantha Eley, better known as “Swing Set Susan,” was charged on Wednesday after she claimed to be a police officer in order to chase off a group of kids.

Eley reportedly told the teens to, “Get the f**k out,” deeming them too old to play on the swingset.

“You’re not a f***ing child, 13 years of younger.”

Claiming to be a police officer, Eley ordered the teens to leave.

According to the Daily Mail, Eley later told another family that she owned the park, and went so far as to push in front of other parents so that her kid could use the equipment.

The Dallas Fort Worth Police went on record to clarify that Eley was not an employee of the agency.

Eventually, Eley was arrested for a bond violation related to an assault charged. She was sent to the Tarrant County Jail, and charged with impersonating an officer once her identity became clear.

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