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Sweet evidence: Burglary suspect found smothered in frosting

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Farva, from the movie Super Troopers, after being doused in powdered sugar probably isn’t exactly what the the burglar looked like after being covered in cupcake frosting, but does make for a funny comparison.

Police did not have a tough time linking a suspect to a burglary in Alpena, Michigan last Sunday.

The suspect, described as highly intoxicated, was trying to break into a home on Lewis Street. Officials say she clumsily burst into the home, knocking over a tray of cupcakes and other items.

When police arrived on the scene Oct. 18, the homeowner told them she heard a commotion shortly before discovering a strange woman in her house. The loud noise apparently coming from a tray of cupcakes that the suspect had knocked down in her unsuccessful attempt to burglarize the home.

She took off shortly after making a mess of the place, according to mlive.com.

Michigan State Police troopers spotted the suspect in the area — a few blocks away from where the break-in occurred.

Not only was she “highly intoxicated” but police say she was covered in cupcake frosting and had cake “all over her torso and legs.”

She was taken to the Alpena County Jail and charged with unlawful entry and malicious destruction of property.

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