Home News Suspected car thief attempts to run away from officers during interview

Suspected car thief attempts to run away from officers during interview


An Oklahoma woman attempted to escape police custody while being questioned at the station, and the entire incident was caught on camera.

When Olivia Basnett was arrested in July on suspicion of being apart of an auto burglary and credit card theft ring, she sat across from officers and awaited an interview.

Suddenly, Basnett made a dash out of the room, leaving two officers confused at what was happening.

Basnett didn’t get very far, however, and was soon stopped by other employees at Jenks PD.

In a subsequent interview, Basnet told police that she simply wanted to see her mom.

According to FOX 23, Jenks Police Sergeant Eric Bowdle said that auto and credit card theft has gone down since Basnet’s arrest.

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  1. Notice the nonchalant reactions of the cops. Hilarious. She must have been running toward the holding cells because they were not in the least bit concerned! Lol!


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