Home News Suspect sucker punches NYPD officers, tries to get away

Suspect sucker punches NYPD officers, tries to get away


A masked biker was so desperate to escape from two NYPD officers that he decided to sucker punch them.

According to the NY Post, the masked man was on a Citi bike and appeared to be complying with officers as they were questioning him. That’s when things took a turn for both the officers and the suspect.

While his hand was behind his head, the suspect threw a punch at one officer, pushed the other, and tried to run away.

The suspect, identified as Evan Guerroro, didn’t make it very far. Both officers quickly took him down while backup arrived to arrest him.

By committing the act, Guerroro, a repeat offender, added an assaulting an officer charge.

The officer was bruised but did not suffer any major injuries.

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