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Suspect shot and killed after shooting deputy with crossbow


A dispute between neighbors in Cato Township, Michigan, ended with a suspect dead and a sheriff’s deputy seriously hurt.

Kevin Schultz told police that his next-door neighbor came over three times on Saturday morning claiming that Schultz had stolen his marijuana plants. Schultz told 24 hour News 8, that Travis Quay appeared intoxicated while making the claim, and was threatening his family with a knife.

His brother stepped in, went to Quay’s home afterwards, and things turned violent. The suspect came out with a pitchfork, stabbing Schultz’s brother in the arm. That’s when they decided to call police.

But Quay took off when the cops showed up. The officers searched Quay’s home and staked the place out for hours. When nothing turned up, they left.

The Schultz’s called police back to the property when Quay returned. Just before midnight when the deputies came back to the scene, things began to “escalate very quickly.”

Michigan state police say several officers were at the home trying to arrest Quay, 40, on assault charges. But that’s when they say he came out with a crossbow and aimed it at one of the deputies. Officers say Quay hit Michael Kotenko in the side. The 13-year veteran of the sheriff’s department was airlifted to the hospital where he’s listed in serious condition.

Officials with the state police say this incident “highlights the dangers that law enforcement officers face in the line of the duty, and if an officer believes he’s in imminent danger of death or bodily harm he has a right to defend himself.”

Kotenko’s family has asked the community for their patience and prayers, as he recovers in the hospital.

A full investigation has been launched into the shooting.

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