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Suspect filing false police report caught hiding cocaine in police headquarters


A suspect in Nebraska stuffed his cocaine stash inside the ceiling of an interrogation room at the Omaha Police Department, seemingly unaware that he was being watched on camera.

25-year-old Thomas Hartman originally came to OPD to claim his brother had robbed him, despite the fact that his brother had been on the other side of town when the supposed robbery took place.

Doing their due diligence, the detectives figured Hartman was at the station for another reason- his underaged girlfriend was talking to police in the same building, telling them how he was pimping her out in exchange for money.

“You just need to come clean, because I have visuals of him from the time of this robbery. He’s on the other side of town,” the detective told Hartman.

When the detective left the room, Hartman can be seen slamming on the wall and begging his girlfriend to get him out of trouble.

Hartman yells, “I think they’re going to take me to jail. Go get that money and bond me out Jaylene.”

Threatened with even more charges, Hartman then tried to hide another person’s wallet and a bag of cocaine in the ceiling tiles.

According to KETV, Hartman was charged with possession, but only received 9 months of probation. He is currently being held at the Nebraska Diagnostic and Evaluation Center in Lincoln for drug charges and terroristic threats.

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