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Survival guide to dealing with annoying cop blockers


1: Surviving a “You Work For Me” suspect

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Look, we all know that tax dollars pay for a wide-range of public services, including the police forces that protect us all. While it’s annoying to hear “My taxes pay your salary” over and over again, it’s best to go about the business at hand rather than thank the citizen for their generous salary contributions. Oh, and if you can generate a little extra “revenue” by writing a ticket, then poetic justice can be served.

2: Surviving an amateur lawyer or “sovereign citizen” citizen

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It seems that every suspect police detain either already has, or is working toward, a degree in constitutional law. When confronted with these amateur lawyers, it’s usually best to let them show off their shaky and/or crazy view of the law before calmly explaining that no matter what they think, they’re subjected to the same laws that everyone else is.

3: Surviving an open carry cop blocker

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Cop Blockers are becoming more common, and they seem to have a single purpose: to bait officers into getting angry, upset, or making mistakes. When dealing with these cop blockers, especially when they’re baiting you by openly carrying a weapon, calmly explain how doing your job is not in violation of the law, exactly how reasonable suspicion works, and how you will treat them fairly provided that they too are acting in accordance with the law.

4: When being calm, polite, and professional fails, there’s always tasing or OC use

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Sometimes, no matter how well an officer handles a situation, the suspect simply remains out of control and won’t submit to rational requests. It’s times like these that less-lethal means, such as tasers or OC, can not only subdue the suspect, but save lives in the process.

While we’re trying to stay humorous with these videos, each of these issues are serious. Unfortunately, 126 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2014, which represents a 24% increase over the previous year according to NPR.

Above all else, stay safe out there.

5: Surviving a citizen taking the law into their own hands

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For the most part, citizens who work security are looking to make life safer and easier for those around them, but once in a while, the illusion of power goes straight to their heads. When dealing with one of these issues, it’s best to remind them who the real police officer is in the situation.

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  1. What in the magical hell is this drivel?

    “when they’re baiting you by openly carrying a weapon” you chose to perceive it as bait. You open carry all the time. When did you clowns decide that your lives and rights are more important than others?

    As for the constitutional thing, you mean to tell me that it’s a joke? Seems legit.

    • seem funny I alwyas ask ;law enofrcemnt fans to show my in the contistion tow thing
      one the right for the govt to ploice the people. because the tenth is not it the 9th says all right are the people .
      2 Officer safety where in the US constituioon does it say a govt employye has the right to kill a citizens with trial or warrant because the govt employee is scared..
      the person that wrote this article is what is wrong with currant law enofrcement industry.
      whe I went through police academy the tactical staff used to joke about cops like that.

  2. Gunfire related line of duty deaths are down 38% year to start in comparison to last year. More enlightenlightening is the fact that last year’s higher numbers are well below the historical average in the past 50 years.

  3. What if you all just did your jobs correctly, without violating people’s rights constantly, without abusing your authority, without assaulting suspects, or basically becoming the very criminals we do in fact pay you to arrest? Ever given that any thought? Then you wouldn’t have to worry about any of these people. What a revolutionary idea! Try being decent people, then maybe you’ll get treated like decent people.

  4. “Unfortunately, 126 officers were killed in the line of duty in 2014, which represents a 24% increase over the previous year according to NPR.” All of them were killed in the line of duty? Don’t think so.

    According to the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial Fund “Twenty-seven officers died due to other causes in 2014, including 24 who suffered from job-related illnesses—such as heart attacks—while performing their duties.” http://www.nleomf.org/newsroom/news-releases/eoy-report-2014.html

    So, heart attacks = “killed” in the line of duty? Looks manipulative to me.

  5. So obeying the law is now reasonable suspicion?

    If they refuse to obey unlawful demands, tase them?

    If they mention that we’re supposed to be public servants, ticket them?

    What in the fuck are you young kids learning? Cause it sure as shit isn’t any policework I know.

  6. “…but once in a while, the illusion of power goes to their heads.” Wait, are you talking about security guards or police?

  7. “but once in a while, the illusion of power goes straight to their heads. ”

    You mean like the fucking cops? Fuck you.

  8. http://www.nleomf.org/facts/officer-fatalities-data/

    Check the stats. Check your link. The claim that deaths have risen is based on OLD data.

    It’s interesting how you try to associate cop deaths, referring to dealing with cop blockers as “surviving”, and using outdated data.
    These are nothing but more of the deceptive tactics that keep this monopolistic institution funded through extortion and guarding the interests of centralized power.

  9. The author of the article openly encourages writing bogus tickets and tasing/pepper spraying suspects for no other reason than the fact that they are not doing precisely as told. Thank you for reinforcing the well-founded belief that cops are arrogant bullies with no regard for anyone but themselves.

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