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Subway employee fired after social media posts celebrating the murder of 2 Hattiesburg police officers



A former Subway employee in Laurel, Mississippi posted several cruel and disturbing posts on her Facebook regarding the death of two Hattiesburg police officers on Sunday, which led to a severe backlash on social media and her termination.

Upon hearing about the death of the two officers, Benjamin Deen, 34, and Liquori Tate, 25 Sierra “C-Babi” McCurdy posted a Facebook status that read, “2 police officers was shot in hattiesburg tonight.!” Facebook friends of McCurdy commented on the post, seemingly enjoying the news.


The post was then followed by another that read, “Two police officers shot tonight in Hattiesburg,” followed by “GOT EM” and a gun pointed at the words as well as a laughing emoji.



She also made another post that read, “We can turn this bxtch into Baltimore real quick,’ she posted. ‘Police take away innocent people lives everyday now & get away w/ it, fxck them…[no mercy].”


McCurdy accompanied the post with a picture of herself in her Subway uniform, which led to a firestorm of angry posts from enraged people on Facebook and Twitter. There have been several pages devoted to McCurdy and others who are pro-cop killers. Most of the tweets people sent expressing their feelings about the McCurdy were sent directly to Subway, some with the hashtag, #boycottsubway.

Subway, of course, handled the situation professionally. First, by reassuring the many people tweeting them that they were aware of the situation.



Subway then fired McCurdy immediately, according to a report by Daily Mail.

McCurdy has made all her social media pages private in the wake of her postings.

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