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Students protest, but USC professor refuses to take down his Blue Lives Matter flag


A professor teaching at the University of Southern California’s engineering school decided he wanted to hang up a Blue Lives Matter flag across his faculty door however, the students he teaches, and some who don’t, have been pressuring USC administration to force him to take the flag down.

According to the student newspaper The Daily Trojan, a grad student studying neuroscience was told about the flag by a friend who works in the building. The student then went to the school Provost saying the flag’s origin is racist and cited Prof. Moore’s previous comments about inclusivity and Title IX.

The administration has stated there is no policy in place that would force Prof. Moore to take down his flag.

Moore has defended his decision to hang the flag.

He says he decided to hang the flag for three reasons. 1.) To negate the argument that police are the number one killer of black and brown people. 2.) To honor a friend who recently retired from the force. 3.) And highlight that murders are up 30% since the pandemic started.

Moore told Fox News that he selected the American flag version of the Blue Lives Matter design because “This version of the blue lives matter flag is intended to communicate and emphasize the necessary and high risk role civilian police authorities have in maintaining social order in a free and just society,” Moore continued. 

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