Home News Students more concerned with snapping photos of crash, than calling 911

Students more concerned with snapping photos of crash, than calling 911



Students at Iowa State University may be savvy smart phone users, but apparently they need a crash course on what to do when they spot an SUV piled onto several cars.

When cops arrived at the scene Wednesday in Ames, they saw an SUV “perched on top of a row of parked cars,” according to the Daily Mail. Officers say a student had accidentally hit the gas instead of the brake, and ended up slamming into several cars outside the Armory.


What they also noticed at the scene was a group of students “standing around, taking pictures on their cell phones” – but not one of them called 911.

The University Police Dept. slammed the students for not calling 911 to alert police about the wreck. The chief of ISU police said: “We’d rather get 20 calls about [the] same incident than none.”


The police dept took to their Facebook page, posted photos of the accident and wrote:

‘This morning a driver lost control and landed their vehicle on top of multiple parked cars. Fortunately nobody was hurt. This is a harsh reminder of two things:

 1. Careless driving affects more than just you and your car. Everyone is at risk when drivers aren’t cautious.

 2. If you see something, say something! We encourage people to call us when they observe something disruptive or concerning. Unfortunately, nobody called this in to our department. “


The police also noted that the icy conditions are a “risk to both drivers and pedestrians in an area with a heavy footfall.”

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