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Students at Spring Valley High School protest for return of fired Deputy Fields


Oct. 30–RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. — A group of Spring Valley High School students staged a peaceful walkout Friday morning in support of former Richland County deputy Ben Fields who was fired after a video surfaced of Fields forcibly removing a student from a classroom.

Several videos of the walk out surfaced on Twitter shortly after 11:30 a.m. using “#bringbackfields” and “#bringfieldsback.”

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    • That is exactly what I think. Why would these kids go to bat for this guy if perhaps maybe there is more information than we know. Does this change my opinion of what he did? No! Kids shouldn’t be abused. Yet this does make me curious as to what these kids know that we do not.

      • Its called STOCKHOLM SYNDROME. And I wonder how many of these kids have been thrown across the room by this cop/coach? Hmmm

  1. This is the cop’s fault, and the teacher’s and administrator’s for failing to handle the situation appropriately. It is not the girl’s fault or her parents. This is not about respect. It is not about refusing to comply with an order. It’s about a bad cop who assaulted an unarmed girl and who should be fired and prosecuted. Luckily, he has been fired. I hope her family sues.

      • what a stupid question…this is a school not a jail cell in alcatraz…how dare you dehumanise a child- a minor by describing them as a ‘non-compliant’…’non-compliant’ is an adjective from the verb ‘to comply’ not a noun..as you should know if you paid attention in english class.
        these kids are being kids..it’s all a moment to react..to be in the spotlight..a post-event opportunity for 5 minutes of fame…i am not surprised since the officer was apparently well-known by the kids as ‘officer slam’…and teenagers just love the idea of having a local legend around them..hell, kids would vote for freddy kruger to patrol the halls if they thought it might make their tedious routine exciting…get back to class and count yourselves lucky, it wasn’t you…

    • You are an idiot She did not follow orders by the teacher, or the vice principal nor the officer. When he attempted to get her out of her seat she assaulted him more then once and thats when the real struggle began. She should have complied !!

    • I love people whp get their news from facebook, because it proves they are full of shit. She actually struck him… You get that. She hit him first, and he reacted. Go dig up that story yeah. Stop being a sheep and following the mob. Learn about these things.

      • I’ve seen three released videos, and in none of them did she strike at all until she was grabbed around the neck and legs. It looks as though he got tired of her crap and threw her around the room.

        Please post a link to a video showing her hitting him first. It would significantly change my view on the situation.

    • Were you there when it happened?? No. She was not complying and that’s 100% what it’s about. You have an opinion not a facy. These students clearly want him back!

    • wow where is the personal responsibility in this? this is not the girls fault or her parents REALLY? she disrupted that class and was asked numerous times to leave and refused, so how is not her fault? and if that girl was taught respect at home THIS WOULD NEVER HAD HAPPENED!! parents are raising a bunch of kids who have NO respect for anybody, and you wonder why there are bullies in schools! HERE’S YOUR SIGN!!

      • Did you miss the part where she has no parents and is living in foster care? How about the part where her mother dided recently which is why she’s in foster care. Instead of calling the officer why not call her counselor? The school psychologist?…Yes , didn’t follow the teachers instructions but to be abused in that manner. He would be serving jail time if it was a dog. This continuous disregard of black children lives saddens me.

    • You’re what’s wrong with this world. She is a student at a school is was given instructions to remove herself from the room. She showed BLANTENT DISRESPECT, which I’m sure she learned from her parents, and this is the result. Unnecessary, maybe, not her fault? Ignorance and naivety.

    • Clearly, you haven’t seen the entire article on this particular issue. The young student was talking on her cellphone durring class. The teacher had kindly informed her multiple times that it was disruptive, and that she needed to either put the phone away or leave the classroom. This younger student refused to do either on multiple accounts. Again the math teacher asked her, administrator and finally the deputy. Yet again she refused to comply. In this scenario, I’m curious as to how you would respond if you were the deputy. Keep in mind that she was fighting the deputy through every step up until she was being handcuffed. And I can tell you this; trying to detain someone that doesn’t want to be detained is not exactly easy. Furthermore if you have to be told more than once by multiple staff, chances are you’ve had plenty of chances to comply and chose specifically not to. That’s being disrespectful not only to staff and law enforcement, but also to the students trying to concentrate on the class.

    • So sad people can’t see the obvious problems with this situation. What exactly is allowed to be done with a mouthy kid who had said screw you to three different levels of authority! ! This is disruptive to others who actually want to learn and potentially dangerous. At what point are the adults allowed to enforce rules? ? When she pulled a knife, gun I guess them he would have been fired for not controlling the situation sooner! ! It’s a lose lose for the adults involved and absolutely this is nothing but a child parent situation! ! I’m very proud to say my kids saw this video and immediately said if we had done this we would have been more afraid of what mom would have done when we got home! !! If you have gotten to be a high school student and don’t feel you need to listen to tote teachers, administrators or law enforcement without force you are sadly already a society waste, and headed for trouble anyway.

    • Exactly, somebody get your child, and or children. Pure Nonsense, someone must have changed, there grades, from, dumb, to dumber, or this is just the dumbest School Armistead l have ever known, Someone Please call me an Uber, because I just broke, my foot in somebodits Aass

      • Exactly, somebody get your child, and or children. Pure Nonsense, someone must have changed, there grades, from, dumb, to dumber, or this is just the dumbest School Armistead l have ever known, Someone Please call me an Uber, because I just broke, my foot in somebodies As

    • You’re a fool. This SHOULD be about an unruly, undisciplined girl who obviously thinks the rules don’t apply to her, just like many of her type in society. The officer did what he had to do to remove this blight from the classroom. I can tell from your comments you care nothing for rules or doscipline. That’s one reason why blacks commit such a disproportionate number of crimes and are arrested far more often; a lack of respect for authority, which leads to these situations escalating. The fact that the media has started portraying those who are protecting society from these scum as the bad guys just shows how perverted our values have become and how truth and facts have become secondary to making a segment of our society feel better for being ignorant, stupid and criminal.

    • Wow! It’s ok for kids to totally disrupt class, disobey authorities and then when asked to leave starts fighting the officer. She was totally in the wrong and he got a little over zealous in trying to restrain her. She gets praise for being an ass and he gets fired!! Your part of the problem!! You feel she has a right to be rebellious whenever she wants and no one should be able to stop her!!

    • The girl had hit, punched, and kicked the cop multiple times before he used force, he’s in the right, the dumbass girl who wont respect authority isnt

    • You sir, are a moron and the very definition of what is wrong with people these days. Let’s blame everyone other than the person that actually caused the problem, right? How is it not about respect and doing what you’re told? How is it not the girls fault? I must have missed where te cop peaked in the door on his own and saw this girl sitting there minding her own business before he ran in and slammed her to the floor. Oh, that’s right, that’s not what happened. SHE REFUSED TO DO WHAT SHE WAS TOLD! SHE alone could have ended this and avoided everything that happened to her by simply doing what she was told to do. Let’s blame everyone but her though, makes complete sense.

    • She clearly needed to be forcefully removed from the room. He may have been a bit to forceful. Then again… she did punch him in the face two or three times when he tried to pull her out of the desk. I know if I punched a cop, I would expect an ass beating to be incoming. He didn’t even hit, tazer or mace her.

    • This was absolutely this girls fault. This was absolutely about not complying with an order. This was absolutely about not respecting authority (all authority..police, teacher, administrators). Would I have handled it differently? Probably, but I have the luxury of watching this after the fact and learning from the small amount of video there is on the incident. But let’s not move the blame here. He did what he felt he needed to do at the moment in order to complete a lawful objective. You have the luxury of watching a 10 second youtube clip about it and monday morning quarterbacking the entire event.

    • How is this not about her being defiant? If she simply left when the teacher, school admin, or the deputy asked her to leave, he wouldnt have had to get physical with her. This is about her not complying with authority. She then attacked the officer before he got aggressive with her, as it showed in the video. She assaulted the officer and he responded. He may have gone a bit too far, but it was justifiable

    • Scott, I’m interested to hear how exactly you think the situation should have been handled, because in my opinion, this is 100% about respect.. The girl did not respect her teacher, the administrator or the police officer. Furthermore, to your point about “refusing to comply with an order”… that’s exactly what this girl was doing?! She was refusing to comply with the teacher, administrator and police officer’s instructions. You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know that when you don’t obey, there are consequences. The officer did not assault her. He was doing his job by removing her; she was making it more difficult by resisting.

      I applaud the students who are standing up for the officer. They knew the girl was behaving inappropriately. They were there. They saw what happened (not just the short viral video clip that’s floating around).

    • Wow, not the child’s fault or parents? But let’s blame the cop. Here he is fixing the problems of the parents. If there was respect and discipline at home, we wouldn’t need police in the schools. This is completely a problem of society today.

      I hope they press charges against the girl.

      I hope the officer sues…. I would wait till the girl sues and then sue her for double.

    • You are part of the problem with this country. You think that you can do anything you want and nobody can do anything against you. You are part of the participation trophy brigade. Aren’t you? There are consequences for your actions. She was asked to leave, which she refused. She was asked to leave again and refused. Finally, when the cop tried to grab her to escort her out of the room, she started throwing punches at the officer, which you can clearly see in the third video. At that time the cop had every right to do what he did. He slammed her down to protect himself and the people around him. HE DID HIS JOB…….PERIOD

    • No this is about a student that had no respect for the rules and regulations. She disregarded the teacher and administrators to do as she pleased. If you will watch the video she is the one that turns over the chair when she stiffened up. She did it to herself. What action should have been taken? How would you handle this situation? Just wondering? Let her do as she pleased and tomorrow every kid in school has their phone out. No one learns a thing. Oh wait that must be the teachers fault. What would you have done when she hit at you? Why do we need officers in school now? She put herself in the situation. If she hit at me I would have hit back! As most people would. again what do you feel appropriately handling the situation would be?

    • Your kidding?! the girl was not wrong at all? Yes the cop should have handled it differently but have you seen the FULL video. She also disrespected 3 authority figures who asked her to leave before the cop came in. I’d say yea she was wrong and so are her parents for not teaching her to respect authority and her teachers.

    • Yep it’s never the fault of the criminal or the heathen kids. That’s what makes our country great, those at fault are never at fault here. Hell, why do we even have a military or police force? Let’s just shake our finger and say never do it again and give them flowers and lollipops and everything will be okay.

    • It’s absolutely the girls fault as she created the situation. The cop over reacted and should have dialed down the aggressive approach. You can’t behave badly and expect nothing to happen to you.

      When the states ran the school systems they would just paddle your ass and the student would get the picture. It’s time to give the schools back to the states.

    • Scott, you are exactly right. I wish I had more people as brainwashed as you! Would make running this piss hole of a country way easier!

    • To all the people who believe the cop was in the wrong, you people are what’s wrong with the world today!!! Teach your kids to respect and obey the law and law enforcement officers and we would not have issues like these! I love my daughter to death, but if this was her, she would get her ass whooped when she got home…

      This girl got what was coming, plain and simple.

    • I highly doubt those students wanted to hear her phone conversation in class. I know that if I was to do the same thing that student was doing, my parents would be thanking the deputy for putting me in my place instead of trying to sue him. Especially in math class! ! People now a days are just way to quick to judge without looking at the full story.

    • He should be fired for doing his job? If the person dosent comply there alowwed to use enough force to remove them and no more. Not to mention the subject hit him first i cannot stand liberal america.

  2. So proud of these students The Country needs more people like them !!! I am sure the officer wished he reacted differently but I bet the student would repeat the same behavior. If she were my child, she would have faced severe consequences for her actions. The students, protesting know what she did was wrong, they have parents who raised them right, and taught them how to show respect. God bless them !!!

  3. It is a sad, sad world when the CHILDREN involved are viewing this as acceptable behavior!!! I hope this young girl has someone on her side who will sue the school and win….the behavior of that officer is no better than a common street thug beating up a child!

  4. So good to see kids fighting the good fight!. The firing of officer fields just shows the girl and others like her that you don’t have to listen to police and other authority figures. If a police officer tells you something THREE times and you don’t listen, what are you expecting to happen? People need to educate their children on respect and appropriate conduct.

  5. It was the girl who was kicking and hitting and caused the desk to tip over. Her parents have not taught her respect for her teachers or other adults obviously. I’m proud of the students who walked out. They have respect and know what is right and wrong. Good for them.

  6. Always the fukin idiots that get out on camera saying the dumbest shit…”kids know not to get in trouble Bec officer fields would be sent to fix things” and that’s just 1 of the contradicted statements this kid made in the video. Obviously this so call officer does things likes this all the time…(parents not teaching their kids to respect others especially adults and bully mentality/abuse of power, these are some of the reasons this world is so messed up

  7. You Scott are an abomination. Thinking like that is what is wrong with this country. Comply with authority and things like this more than likely will not happen. She deserved it. She was told by more than one person to leave the room. She choose not to this interrupting the class. When fields came in, she was asked to leave. She choose not to. He went to get her up and she started swinging and kicking at him.the correct response was initiated then. He threw her to the ground and in compliance with the law… over all, this whole thing could of been avoided had she left the first time she was asked.

  8. Cop should not be charged, if you don’t want to listen, you should either get tased sprayed or man handled in any form, if you want to act like a retard and be disruptive you got that coming to you or an asswhooping if your my child

  9. Scott and Angela, You are what is wrong with the USA today. The girl had no respect or discipline for the Staff or Law Enforcement when she was disrupting the class.

    So if someone stops in front of your car or parks in front of your driveway and does not move then there is nothing you can say about it. I would do it for sure just to teach you a lesson. I am be disruptive of your life so fair is fair right?

    Your kids are probably going to be murderers or prostitutes if you think this way. It is the girls fault and the parents for not teaching her right from wrong. If she was not disruptive and listened to the teacher when she asked her to leave then none of this would have happened….PERIOD! There is NO EXCUSE FOR BEING DISRUPTIVE IN CLASS!!!!! NONE!!!!

  10. So I assume since the above people are speaking so knowingly about the situation that they were there. Please tell us how the Deputy, the Administrator, or the teacher could have handled the situation differently? Oh I know perhaps they should have allowed the student to continue to disrupt the learning of her classmates since they had no recourse? Or maybe they should have given her an award for being independent. Let me tell you something that I KNOW. If I had disrespected an adult like that brat did My father would have come down and dragged my independent butt out of that chair and beat my ass right there in front of my classmates. She is a child. They are the Authority figures. When they say jump you say how high on the way up. If you don’t agree with what they are asking then you go home and you tell your parents and THEY will fight for you. If I were her parent I would be embarrassed by her behavior and wouldn’t stand for it. It is partially the parents fault for not teaching their child manner. Keep in mind I was not there I did not see it first hand, I have not talked to anyone that was there nor do I know the history. So to be honest my opinion doesn’t mean bupkiss. Neither does yours.

  11. I believe the officer was doing the best he could, have you stopped to wonder why he was called in the classroom to start with? Had she been behaving appropriately this whole thing wouldn’t have happened.

  12. If you do a little research the kids who did the peaceful walkout said that the girl did it on purpose. She basically set that officer up just so that she could get her 15 minutes of internet fame. What I saw was an officer who got called to handle a situation that was already out of control. He removed her from her chair, probably the only way that he could, and then removed her from the room.

    If she was putting up a struggle, refusing to stand up or walk then what exactly was he supposed to do? He had two choices, either leave her there to continue to disrupt things or remove her. He chose to remove her and now this little drama queen, that wanted her 15 minutes of fame, has cost him his job.

  13. THAT SPEAKS VOLUMES!!!! If the STUDENTS are advocating for the DEPUTY, then THEY know something the media is NOT sharing with us about that child! The STUDENTS probably had had enough also!! Does that make the actions appropriate that were taken…..absolutely NOT. But WHEN is the education system going to consider all the students that are LOSING their right to learn because of constant disruptions from children that want to stop learning, and then refuse to allow it to occur by refusing to leave a room they are holding hostage by their behavior. IF the student refuses to leave, refuses to behave, creates a threat to the safety of other children and then won’t comply to authority…..WHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSE TO DO???

  14. The officer obviously has the support of the students, Its the parents fault for allowing her to behave like that. What happened to the good ole days when parents would sit in class with the child as a form of punishment!??! MAN ALIVE!

  15. You all are ingorant. You sit there surpressing these young adults opinions. I’m sorry but wasn’t there a war for freedom of speech? Did you forget about the MANY officers that gave their lives for you? By the way you know that number you dail when your afraid for you life what was it oh yea 911? Yes. Thats it yYou all are ingorant. You sit there surpressing these young adults opinions. I’m sorry but wasn’t there a war for freedom of speech? Did you forget about the MANY officers that gave their lives for you? By the way you know that number you fail when your afraid for you life what was it on yea 911? Yes. Thats it do you Have any idea who come to save your ungreatful life? A cop. Respect them they are giving away their life for you. I’m sorry but she deserved it I would’ve popped her a good one if she hit me and I am not a cop. Its called respect somthing that NO CHILD KNOWS NOWADAYS. How about instead of jumping on a band wagon you form your own opinions.

  16. The students probably had a precognition about the assaulted student. Sure the cop was rough, but authority is authority. If you are not complying with an officer of the law and refusing to comply with a lawful order then who’s going to step in and dismiss the student? A judge? The military? Respect the authoritah

  17. I don’t understand. This is not a newspaper article. Why are they protesting? Do they fully understand what is happening? This article give no information whatsoever.

  18. I disrupted my class before – jokes, unnecessary talking, etc. But I can’t imagine doing it AND ignoring the correction of, first my teacher, then the administration, the principal and finally the lawful order of a police officer. I can’t imagine having the arrogant entitled bad attitude that would enable me to disrespect my school, my class, my parents and my self with such a petty temper tantrum. Some times you just run into that one guy you know you shouldn’t have screwed with and you get slapped in the face with reality. The cop was that guy. Life lesson learned.

  19. So the officer has the ability to throw her across the room forcibly, yet couldn’t get her out of her seat. Got it. You kids are a joke.


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