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Stop signs removed after city manager gets ticketed, also gets ticket dropped


It appears a city official in the northeastern Utah town of Roosevelt used his position and power to manipulate the system.

City Manager Ryan Snow was pulled over on March 17. He was issued a ticket and the following Monday, the city removed two of the stop signs that had originally been up at that 4-way stop.

When local residents found out about the timeline of events, they demanded that the city put the two signs back up. One mother says she only realized they were gone after almost getting into an accident.

Other concerned parents say there are so many kids walking near this area every day to and from school and they hear tires screeching and horns blasting all the time.

This is a safety issue and they want the signs back up.

Snow reportedly spoke with the public works dept, following the traffic stop but the agency was never actually ordered to remove the signs – KSL reported.

That same week, the city attorney requested the citation be dismissed in the “interest of justice” and the court agreed – according to court documents.

Snow issued an apology to residents after seeing the police dashcam video and said the officer had “every right to ticket him.”

The apology though is a little too late for some.

“It’s cost the city more to take it down and cast a cloud over city administration as to how things are done,” said Roosevelt resident Rebecca Pittman.

Snow said he welcomes a public discussion on the matter and residents say they are eager to speak about it at this Tuesday’s city council meeting — where they will request that the signs be reinstalled.

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