Home News Stolen car pursuit ends when a suspect traps himself in a porta-potty

Stolen car pursuit ends when a suspect traps himself in a porta-potty


It started as a chase when police located a person driving a stolen car, it ended in a stinky situation as the suspect got himself locked inside a golf course porta-potty.

According to TMJ4, the episode happened on Wednesday when police found a stolen Dodge Durango and began pursuing it. The suspect began to drive recklessly and eventually crashed as the driver attempted to avoid stop sticks.

With the vehicle broken, four people jumped out of the stolen vehicle and began to run away.

Police chased the people on foot, including one suspect running onto a nearby golf course.

One of the suspects jumped into a porta-potty to hide while the others split up.

An alert golfer tried to flag the officer down about the one suspect in the toilet. When he realized the officers weren’t coming, he took matters into his own hands and tipped the porta-potty over, trapping the suspect.

An officer did come over and warned the suspect as he sludged his way out.

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