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State Senator arrested for keying SUV over a bumper sticker

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Sen. Joshua Miller of Rhode Island was arrested last week for allegedly vandalizing an SUV over a bumper sticker.

According to police, surveillance footage captured him keying an SUV with a “Biden sucks” sticker at the Garden City Center in Cranston, Rhode Island.

The son of the owner of the car told police he saw Miller with keys in his hands after he heard a scratching noise when walking back to the SUV.

He claims Miller denied being responsible for the vandalism and walked away after being confronted.

According to body camera video, obtained by Fox News, about two hours after the incident, Miller denied being involved with the incident to police.

Miller willingly gave up his keys for police to test for the vehicle’s paint.

“He was blocking my way, saying that I scratched his car, I didn’t scratch his car,” Miller said in the video. “I’m a state senator, I think he recognized me. I think he’s one of the gun nuts.”

Miller claimed the victim was stalking him for sponsoring anti-gun legislation and even claimed police Col. Michael Winquist was aware of other stalking incidents.

Police denied his claims in a press release, stating, “Mr. Miller never reported any threats to Colonel Winquist or any member of the Cranston Police Department.”

“Nobody is above the law, including those who make and enforce the laws,” Winquist added in the release. “The officers who handled this investigation did so with fairness, integrity, and without preferential treatment.”

The officers initially released Miller after questioning him but after they viewed the security footage, they were able to corroborate the victim’s statements.

Miller eventually admitted to committing the crime after being confronted by officers at his home.

YouTube video

Miller surrendered himself at the police station and was charged with a vandalism/malicious injury to property misdemeanor. 

He was arraigned on the charges and released on a $1,000 bond. He is due to appear in court on July 18, 2023, for re-arraignment.

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