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State police employee claims state trooper took advantage of her in leaked adult video

The women who participated in a leaked sex tape were identified as Ivana Williams’s (right) and 39-year-old MHP administrative assistant Brynne Fisackerly (left)

A Mississippi Highway Patrol trooper was fired for allegedly filming a sexual encounter with a female friend and sharing the footage without her consent.

The incident has sparked a federal lawsuit and a counterclaim, with both parties providing starkly different accounts of what happened.

According to court documents, the accuser is 39-year-old Brynne Fisackerly, a mother of two and fellow MHP staff member.

Fisackerly claims that she was too intoxicated to consent or remember the events of the steamy night that was caught on film.

According to the Daily Mail, Fisackerly has filed an $11 million federal lawsuit for the damages she says were inflicted on her during the incident.

The MHP employee states that the incident took place in November 2022 after a night out drinking, and recalls waking up the next morning without clothes on— with memories of a sexual encounter with the defendant and MHP Trooper Ivana Williams.

Fisackerly claims that Williams admitted to recording the encounter without her consent and later shared the video with her then-boyfriend. Fisackerly later learned that the video had been widely circulated.

Williams, however, tells a different story. She asserts that the night in question occurred in January or February 2023. Williams says that Fisackerly invited her out for drinks, but they ended up having dinner at a steak restaurant.

Williams has filed a countersuit against Fisackerly demanding $20million for the damage she says the allegations have done to her reputation and business relationships

The ladies were later joined by two men and continued drinking before heading to one of the men’s homes and then to Williams’ house.

Williams claims that Fisackerly was not impaired and was actually the aggressor who initiated the sexual encounter, adding that Fisackerly agreed to be filmed and they watched the video together the next morning.

Williams maintains that she only shared the video with her lover, Brad McLendon, with Fisackerly’s knowledge and permission.

The video was later discovered by McLendon’s wife in his deleted messages.

Photographs presented by Williams’ attorneys show the two women together at various social events months after the alleged assault. These pictures, along with Williams’ claim that Fisackerly remained a close friend, aim to discredit Fisackerly’s allegations.

Fisackerly’s complaint with the Attorney General has not resulted in any criminal charges. Her request for a restraining order was dismissed when she did not appear in court.

Williams was dismissed from the MHP in February following an internal investigation.

The disgraced trooper was also accused of viewing porn sites on her state-issued phone and having an open beer can in her patrol car.

Williams denies these accusations and claims her dismissal was retaliatory for a complaint she filed about an unexplained transfer to a distant post.

Williams has filed a $20 million countersuit against Fisackerly and the department, claiming the allegations have damaged her reputation and business relationships. She insists that the accusations are false and expresses confidence that she will win her case and regain her job.

The situation remains contentious, with both women offering starkly different versions of the events. Williams, who owns a gun store in Brandon, Mississippi, describes the scenario as a “she said/she said” case and believes the truth will prevail in court.

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