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St. Louis teen stands guard in front of cops during Ferguson protests


A St. Louis University nursing student put herself in front of a row of riot gear-clad officers to protect them during protests in Ferguson, Missouri.

19-year-old Lexi Kozhevsky, photographed in her jean-shorts and concert t-shirt, joined cops Monday night as they stood guard during protests over Michael Brown’s death.

It was just one of many that has rocked the city over the past year, since a white Ferguson police officer shot and killed the unarmed black teenager.

Kozhevsky, stood just a few feet in front of the officers, most of whom were wearing helmets and bulletproof vests, the NY Daily News reported. Protesters reportedly threw rocks and water bottles at cops on Sunday, the one-year anniversary of Brown’s death. Koshevsky said, “They deserve to be protected. If anything comes their way I’d rather get hit than let them get hit.”

“We need to show support for them, they’re the ones who protect us,” she added. Kozhevsky, whose cousin was a police officer who died in the 9/11 terror attacks, said she always had a strong desire to help people.

The student says there is a legitimate reason to protest at times, and there is racism in America, but not in St. Louis. “In St. Louis & Ferguson it’s unjust—they should do it somewhere else, not here.”

While Ferguson has been a flashpoint in the national debate over police brutality, Koshevsky said she still can’t believe that all this would happen so close to home. She says about the protesters: “If they want real change, talk to government officials, start making petitions….violent protests are not helping in any way.”

“There’s a rotten egg in every batch of people….. I’ll get a lot of hate for this… but we need a police system in this country,” she said.

At least 23 protesters were arrested Monday night in Ferguson, according to the Daily News.

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