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Spring breaker posts video hitting cop car with football, gets issued a warrant


Police in Alabama busted a man who nailed one of their patrol cars with a football– during wild Spring Break partying along the beaches in Gulf Shores.

A short video clip of the man, who was later identified as Kameron Heady, appears to be surprised himself that he actually hit his intended target. A small crowd of people around him, who seemed to be in on his little plan, started erupting in cheers when they realized the ball actually struck a cop car.

This happened at a time when police were patrolling the area — which is a popular beach destination for spring breakers.

After someone posted the clip of Kameron onto social media, police responded by issuing a warrant for his arrest on the department’s Facebook page.

It read: “Hey Kameron, We Found You. Great arm. Bad Decision. AN ARREST WARRANT has been issued for you. You can turn yourself in at the Gulf Shores Police Dept.” The warrant stated the charges against Heady as “Harrassment (Threat).”

The same day the video of Heady was posted, Gulf Shores PD banned “any consumption of alcohol on public beaches in Gulf Shores until April 17,” the NY Daily News reported.


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