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South Florida woman arrested after falsely accusing deputy of rape


A South Florida woman has been arrested after she falsely accused a Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Deputy of rape.

Image credit: PBSO, Instagram.

23-year-old Marley Barberian is currently facing charges of false report of sexual battery, false report of crime and perjury (not in an official proceeding), after claiming a PBSO deputy sexually battered her while she was being taken to jail.

The alleged sexual battery was reported earlier this year, when Barberian was arrested for shoplifting store in Greenacres.

After arriving to the jail for processing, she told nurses and detectives that she was anally raped by the deputy who transported her to the jail, claiming he stopped on the side of the road to do so.

Image credit: Facebook.

According to CBS12, Barberian also claimed the deputy groped her during a safety patdown at Target.

Barberian claimed the officer -who was described as a white male with green eyes- had put a gun in her mouth. “because that probably turned him on.”

Upon investigation, it was discovered that a female deputy patted her down, and that the accused had only driven her to the Greenacres Police station, where she was held until a female deputy could take her to Palm Beach County Jail. This was confirmed upon review of in-car and jail security footage, among other evidence.

Barberian now sits in the Palm Beach County Jail on $3,000 bond.

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  1. Here is a thought, if you falsely accuse someone of a felony that could destroy them and their families, reputations and careers and that allegation is proven to be patently false , you in turn should be charged with a felony, stripped of your civil rights and the subject to civil liabilities as well . If you falsely try to destroy someone you should face the same destruction . You should have it appear on financial and criminal backgrounds as they would.


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