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Source: Police Chief resigned after he was caught on bodycam having intimate encounter with woman

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An investigation into the resignation of a Nebraska police chief has revealed that he attempted to get bodycam video of him having sex with a woman deleted.

According to the Omaha World-Herald, Bruce Ferrell responded to a woman’s house after she called police about an estranged boyfriend on an unknown date. While there, the two became intimate and the encounter, with Ferrell still in his police uniform, was filmed by his bodycam.

During his November 2021 resignation, Ferrell said it was simply time for him to leave. He’s refused to comment on whether he’s retained an attorney or the existence of the bodycam video, despite police sources saying otherwise.

Nebraska State Patrol is investigating the matter and is set to present the evidence to the state’s Attorney General.

Sources say the sex appears to be “consensual” between the two. Other states have laws that it is illegal for a police officer to have sex while on duty, even if it is consensual. In Nebraska, the closest such law is one that makes it illegal for officers to have sex with an inmate.

Ferrell may also face tampering with evidence charges as he’s accused of attempting to delete the bodycam footage.

Wahoo, a city of about 4,800 people 40 miles west of Omaha, has a police force of about half a dozen officers.

Ferrell became Police Chief in 2018 after 23 years as an Omaha police officer.

One of Ferrell’s first acts as Police Chief was to reinstate the use of bodycams after the practice was suspended two years earlier because of costs.

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