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Sonic waitress attacked even after act of kindness to woman whose card was declined

Briana Lee.  Credit: Oklahoma County Jail
Briana Lee. Credit: Oklahoma County Jail

A woman got violent with an Oklahoma City fast-food restaurant worker after her credit card was declined multiple times.

Police say the Sonic staff was trying to be kind to the woman and offered to give her the food for free. She accepted and took the meal — but then apparently wanted more.

Just before Midnight on Monday, police say 28-year-old Briana Lee pushed the button on the screen where drivers normally pull up to place their orders. She had one final request for the carhop.

The waitress-on-wheels came out with some napkins, fulfilling the customer’s request.

Then, “without provocation” Lee sprayed the victim with mace, threw her down and kicked her in the ribs, KFOR reports.

Lee grabbed the carhop’s apron and cash and fled the scene. The wounded victim had to be taken to the hospital where she was treated for minor injuries.

Luckily, officials were able to track down Lee. She was arrested and charged with assault and battery and first-degree robbery.


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