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Somali refugee who violently raped two women as a juvenile set free on probation instead of serving adult time


A Somali refugee who raped two Utah women during his teenage years in 2011 has been given probation six years after he committed the heinous crimes.

At age fourteen, Mohammed Ali Mohammed raped two Salt Lake City women at knifepoint in 2011. In the first instance, he attacked a woman outside of her home. In another instance, he broke into another woman’s home, raped her and then demanded she fork over $400 from an ATM.

After pleading guilty to a slew of charges and sitting in a juvenile detention facility for six years, Mohammed was recently sentenced to five years of probation by Judge Vernice Trease in place of a term in state prison.

Now nearly 21-years of age, Mohammed the rapist, thief and kidnapper, will once again roam the streets a free man- hardly what his victims had in mind.

Mohammed’s second victim, who was raped in her own home at knifepoint, told the judge that she is “terrified” at the thought of Mohammed being out on the same streets where she lives.

“He did adult crimes,” she told the judge, “and should have an adult sentence to match what he did.”

His first victim could not be located, though she told a judge in 2012 that she too wanted Mohammed to go to adult prison. According to The Salt Lake Tribune, she was a productive college student at the time of the rape but later fell into drug use and fell on the bad side of the law.

“We just lost track of her,” prosecutor Coral Sanchez-Rose said. “I don’t know if she’s homeless, I don’t know where she’s staying at; we’re unable to contact her. Clearly, this has had a great impact in her life.”

Mohammed reportedly already has a job lined up and Judge Trease said she “won’t bat an eye” in sending him to prison to serve consecutive sentences on the three crimes he pleaded guilty to in adult court.


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