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Social media star arrested after threatening 17-year-old girlfriend with gun, posting SWAT standoff online


Social media personality Bryan Silva is behind bars after a domestic dispute with his teenage girlfriend led to a SWAT standoff at his Charlottesville home over the weekend.

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When officers arrived with arrest warrants at the home in a quiet, suburban Virginia neighborhood, early Sunday morning, the suspect barricaded himself inside.

Silva’s 17-year-old girlfriend somehow escaped after she said she was being held against her will and Silva had threatened her with a gun. The domestic disturbance call turned the normally quiet neighborhood upside down.

Police set up a large perimeter around the block just as nearby residents were leaving church services. Charlottesville Police Chief Timothy Longo said, “We dispatched our tactical team and crisis negotiation team to this location.”

Silva refused to exit the home, and according to his girlfriend, had threatened to shoot at police. He also taunted officers online during the hours-long standoff.

Luckily though, it ended without any major incident. Police launched a chemical irritant into the house around 3 p.m., and Silva emerged handcuffed with his pants around his knees, WTVR reports.

Some residents told local media that the house always seemed a bit “sketchy” and that there seemed to be frequent police activity there.

Silva garnered a massive following on Vine, after a clip of him vocalizing the sound of a firearm went viral.

The 25-year old internet sensation is set to go before a judge today for his bond hearing.

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  1. I’ve never heard of this guy, but my daughter follows various “You-tubers” so I thought I would check this guy out.

    1. He looks like a meth head
    2. Is he also retarded?
    3. He shouldn’t be allowed to play with guns. Seriously, he has multiple videos of his playing with guns: a handgun, an AK-47, and what I think is a mach-10. Pointing them at the camera and such… what a dumbass!

    He is a “social media sensation” why? 25 with a 17 y.o. girlfriend… likes ’em young to I guess.


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