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Smollett’s lawyer says Nigerian brothers may have worn white face during fake attack


Now that the charges against him have been dropped, Empire star Jussie Smollett is now going on the attack.

In an interview with the Today Show, Tina Glandian says her client did not receive special treatment and claims one of the brothers could have been wearing ‘white face’ during the planned attack.

Smollett has said he was attacked by two men around 1 a.m. in late January.

Those men supposedly were wearing masks, threw bleach on him, put a noose around his neck, and yelled out, ‘this is MAGA country.”

Smollett told police his attackers were white and that this was a hate crime against the black gay actor.

The brothers, identified as Abel and Ola Osundairo, are both black.

During the Today Show interview, Glandian made the claim that Smollett could have been confused during the attack because it was so quick. She also pointed out that one of the men could have been wearing ‘white face.’

Glandian namely pointed out that Abel has a Youtube video of him wearing ‘white face’ while recreating a scene from “The Dark Knight” in which he’s recreating a Heath Ledger Joker scene.

The police report indicated Smollett paid both brothers $3,500 in the form of a check for ‘training.’ The brothers told police their typical rate is $50 per hour, and that the check was actually payment for the planned attack that Smollett set up.

The State Attorney’s Office decided to drop all 16 counts against Smollett and have justified the action saying even if he was convicted, Smollett would have only faced community service.

Smollett agreed to forfeit his bond and is a noted activist within the community.

On Thursday President Trump says he will order the DOJ and Federal investigators to look into Smollett’s case.

Smollett then could face federal charges.

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