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Smallville actress expected to be arrested on sex trafficking charges following arrest of cult leader that branded women


Two female cast members of the CW series Smallville are caught up in allegations of sex trafficking and membership in a bizarre sex-cult.

Allison Mack and Kristin Kreuk are buzzing names once again due to the former Smallville actresses’ involvement in a bizarre multi-level marketing scheme and sex-cult, founded by self-help guru Keith “The Vanguard” Raniere.

Raniere was arrested on Monday by the Mexican Federal Police, at a $10,000-a-week Mexican villa where an emaciated and frazzled Mack was also residing.

Federal prosecutors have charged Raniere with forced labor and sex-trafficking charges related to NXIVM (pronounced “nexium”), the multi-level marketing scheme that turned into something much darker.

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Kreuk reportedly brought Mack into the cult around a year or two after joining, but reportedly left before young females were being branded with an amalgam of Mack and Raniere’s initials.

Eventually Kreuk and Mack were chosen to use their celebrity status to lure other young women into the group.

“Allison was used, as was Kristen, as a lure to bring in other women because of their celebrity status,” former cult publicist Frank Parlato told the New York Post.

Women were reportedly branded in their pubic areas and kept in bondage through blackmail, an idea believed to have been cooked up by Mack and Raniere. Other women in the group were made to wear fake cow udders on their bare breasts in acts of ritual humiliation.

According to Art Voice, the entire operation was financially backed by Clare Bronfman, an heir to the Seagram’s fortune.

Mack is expected to be arrested in the near future, likely facing similar charges as Raniere.

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