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Small town mayor with DUI troubles blasts city commissioners, police as racist during bizarre council meeting


A North Carolina veteran and former police officer -who was arrested for a DWI mere hours after being elected Mayor of Sharpsburg- stormed out of a Board of Commissioners meeting, claiming he was being discriminated against by police due to the color if his skin.

Mayor Robert Williams pushed a reporter out of the way Tuesday evening on his way out the door from a meeting that was scheduled to discuss the feud between Williams and the North Carolina Police Benevolent Association, particularly William’s removal of Randall Collie as police commissioner during a June 5 board meeting and appointing Police Chief John Hunt to the position.

In a convention to define the Mayor’s authority, which he showed up late to, Williams claimed that the council is motivated to oppose him because he’s black.

“I have asked for this meeting to be delayed because I don’t have appropriate representation because of what this biased and racially motivated council has against me,” he said. “We will deal with these actions because it’s all racially motivated, even with the police officers.”

According to WRAL, he told reporters to get out of his face, pushing one out of the way.

Williams’ case is a curious one. Beating his opponent by seven votes in May, he was arrested hours later after he nearly crashed his car at Town Hall. He was found to be well over the legal limit, carrying a firearm and was hostile towards police, according to The News Observer.

During the stop, he reportedly also insulted officers and gave them the finger.

Taken to the Nash County Sheriff’s Office, he was charged with driving while impaired, carrying a concealed weapon, concealed gun after/while consuming alcohol, concealed handgun-private premises prohibited sign/statement, and two counts of resist/delay/obstruct public officer discharge duties. His license was revoked.

Less than two weeks later, Williams was pulled over and cited for driving on a revoked license, once again landing the Gulf War and Police veteran on the wrong side of the law.

The Board of Commissioners will likely address the PBA’s concerns next week, though no timeline has been set as of yet.

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