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Small town mayor goes to war with the police department over DUIs, traffic citations in Illinois


An Illinois police officer lost his job after he reportedly harassed them, writing excessive tickets in the town of Mt. Sterling, often for minor offenses.

Police Chief Brandon Norris told reporters that Mayor Matt Bradbury fired MSPD Officer Nathan Rauch on Tuesday afternoon, along with four part-time lawmen.

The officers appear to have been involved in the act of excessive ticketing, often for offenses that would otherwise be considered nitpicking in other jurisdictions.

The situation became so bad that Mt. Sterling residents began banding together against the department, who, to many, seem intent on hunting people down for the sake of ticket revenue.

“I’ve lived in this town my entire life and I’ve never been so disrespected as I have been by this police department,” said Mt. Sterling resident Courtney Garfield. “Basically, you’re not allowed to drive after dark without being harassed by the local police.”

According to WGEM, locals claim Rauch and his part-time cohorts follow individuals, pulling them over for not signalling exactly 100 feet before a turn or not stopping at an exact spot at a stop sign.

“It’s enough to make me want to move,” said Garfield.

Chief Norris stood by Rauch, claiming he has helped take drunk drivers and drug dealers off the streets. Rauch is expected to appeal his termination later this month.

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