Home News “Shut up b**ch:” Half-dressed child punches police officer in genitals

“Shut up b**ch:” Half-dressed child punches police officer in genitals


A video has emerged of an extremely unruly child berating Minnesota officers as they were attempting to execute a warrant in St. Paul.

In the video, a local officer and a federal ATF agent are seen on the scene to arrest a murder suspect when they are approached by a group of mostly unclothed young Black children.

“Shut up, b—h!” screamed a young child no older than a few years old. “Shut up, b—h!” he repeated as he struck the local officer.

He then targets the ATF agent, saying, “Shut the f–k up!”

“Those ugly-ass church shoes,” he says as he slaps the agent’s boots.

The child then turns his attention back to the officer and attempts to steal his drink while striking the officer in the back multiple times.

A shoeless and shirtless teenager can be heard encouraging the child and calling the Black officer an “Oreo head.”

“His deep-fried oreo head ass,” he said as a slur to suggest the Black officer is acting White.

The video was released by the independent Minnesota news outlet, Alpha News.

“The behavior of these children is eerily similar to the behaviors of rioters who burned and looted Minneapolis two years ago,” Alpha News’ Sheila Qualls wrote in reference to the protests that followed Floyd’s murder in Minneapolis.

“It is unsettling to law enforcement officers who encounter this behavior daily. It should be frightening to all of us,” she warned.

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