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“Shut up and go inside:” NYPD’s megaphone message to obnoxious woman goes viral


An obnoxious woman disturbing the peace in New York City was quickly put in her place by a passing NYPD officer- and the hilarious exchange was caught on camera.

The woman -who appeared to be drunk- was pacing up and down the sidewalk outside of the cameraman’s residence, shouting loudly into her phone at someone over a heated conversation she had with another individual.

Sporting a track pants and windbreaker ensemble that would be right at home in former Yugoslavia, the woman spoke with a heavy New York accent and dropped nearly ten “n-bombs” in fifteen seconds.

Suddenly, a loud, electronic voice echoed through the streets.

“Shut up and go inside,” the NYPD officer said from his PA system as he passed in his SUV. “No one wants to hear your problems.”

It is unknown if the woman actually took the officer’s advice to shut up and go inside, as she was heard continuing her rant by the end of the video.

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