Home News Shocking video shows woman trying to kidnap two kids at Atlanta airport

Shocking video shows woman trying to kidnap two kids at Atlanta airport


A mother held onto her child’s stroller for dear life as another woman tried to take the child in the middle of the busy Hartsfield-Jackson airport in Atlanta.

According to WSBTV, the weekend incident was caught on surveillance video.

The suspect, identified as Esther Daniels, is shown trying to pry the stroller away from the unsuspecting mother. The child’s mother fends off Daniels, but Daniels then grabs the mother’s second child and starts to walk away.

The father of the two children immediately confronts Daniels and takes his child back.

Officers immediately responded to the commotion and found Daniels in a frenzied mental state.

Daniels was arrested and taken to a hospital due to her state of mind.

She is being charged with kidnapping and obstructing an officer.

The children were unharmed in the incident.

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  1. That has got to be the slowest foot pursuit in the history of police work. Jackie Gleason could have caught her slow butt.

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