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Shirtless Florida men arrested trying to steal light pole


Two shirtless Florida men were arrested after attempting to transport a stolen light pole atop their soccer-mom SUV.

The Jacksonville men were brought to the attention of local authorities after someone reported them loading a full-sized light pole on top of their Kia Sorrento. After an officer noticed a light pole missing in the area, he put two and two together before tracking down the suspects- who weren’t all that hard to find.

Pulling the Kia over, the officer took 46-year-old Victor Walter Apeler and 42-year-old Blake Lee Waller into custody for questioning.

In an explanation that could only come from a shirtless Florida man, Apeler told officers that the downed pole -worth about $2,500- was a road hazard and that he was doing his civi duty by removing it from harm’s way.

Not buying it, officers did a pawn database search and learned that Apeler had 72 scrap metal-related transactions since January of this year.

According to Action News JAX, both men were booked and charged with grand theft. They have since been mercilessly lampooned on Jacksonville PD’s social media page.

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