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Sheriff’s Office in Kansas wins the internet after savage post on misuse of social media

Image credit: Allen County Sheriff’s Office.

A Kansas law enforcement agency has won the internet after a satirical post concerning poor behaviour on social media managed to trigger many who came across it.

Responding to those who misuse social media, Allen County Sheriff’s Office posted a tongue-in-cheek “notice,” which claimed major social media platforms would be shut down in Allen County.

“Due to the extensive and repeated misuse of Facebook and other social media applications within this jurisdiction, we will be blocking all Allen County access to Facebook, Twitter, Sanpchat, Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube between February 28 and March 1,” the post read.

Almost instantaneously, people angrily began tapping away at their keyboards and screens, not realizing that there are only 28 days in the second month of the year.

“What the hell gives you the right to shut down media accounts I use it to stay in touch with family and so do my kids this has got to be a joke cuss I can’t imagine the law suit your going to get afterwards,” Shaun Mullins responded, apparently so angry at the time that he forgot how to spell and properly punctuate a sentence.

Just like countless posts before Mullins’, the deputy behind the ACSO’s Facebook account didn’t miss a beat when it came to the professional and deadpan responses that kept the charade alive.

“There will be no lawsuit,” ACSO wrote. “We have taken all the legal steps to do this and have all the paperwork completed which is of open public record. We social media admins just felt that we needed to give everyone proper notice before it happened. After the stated time period everything will be just as it was before.”

Others cried “FAKE NEWS” and began listing off reasons why the ACSO cannot get away with such an unconstitutional act. However, not everyone seemed angry at the agency.

“Dear Allen County Sheriff’s Office,” Rebecca Spuller began, “I [love] you.”

“Umm, we haven’t even gone on a date yet,” ACSO replied.

For others, it was a chilling reminder at just how dumb people can be- and how many of them exist in large numbers.

“I can’t even,” Rob Santore wrote. “Hands down, the best post I’ve seen this year. Not sure what it says about our school systems, though.”

The Allen County Sheriff’s Office was not available for comment, though we’re pretty sure they would have said something snarky.

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