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Sheriff’s office in Ohio draws controversy after posting images of mounted unit ghost costumes


A law enforcement agency in Ohio is catching flak after their mounted unit wore ghost costumes.

The Lake County Sheriff’s Office reportedly had no ill intent when they dressed their horses as ghosts for community outreach purposes, posting images to social media.

“So, the riders thought what a great idea to have big ghosts going down the street,” Sheriff Frank Leonbruno said. “As the horses went down the street they were lit up for Halloween. To tell you the truth the community loved it, kids said they were great ghost horses.”

However, several people on social media attempted to draw parallels between the costumes and those worn by the horses of the now nearly-extinct Klu Klux Klan.

“Is there nobody on staff that is like, ‘This is not a good idea?’” said Katelynn Gurbach. “A sheriff’s office should be out there protecting people, and if I saw that on my street, I would be terrified.”

According to FOX 8, the post was taken down and the sheriff clarified the matter in a public statement.

“I’m sorry that perception was there,” Leonbruno said. “It was never our intention to do that.”

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