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Sheriff’s Department in Colorado to change uniforms, save money


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Arapahoe County Deputies are about to be ‘back in black.’

Abandoning the blue uniforms that required a special (and more expensive) blue dye, the deputies of Arapahoe County will now be donning black uniforms, saving them an estimated cost of $167 per uniform while supposedly enhancing comfort.

Credit: Facebook
The old ‘blues’ (L), and the new black uniform (R) donned by Sheriff David Walcher. Credit: Facebook

According to Denver7, the older blue pants were very stiff, while the black pants are cut more like fatigues, allowing for better range of movement.

Other features of the new uniforms will include a velcro slot to allow better identification of the officer from a patch and pull down tabs to reveal reflective strips for better night visibility.

The new black uniforms will go into circulation on May 1st.

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