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Sheriff responds after outcry over Captain Higgins’ resignation


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Following the announcement of resignation by his deputy and viral superstar Captain Clay Higgins, St. Landry Parish Sheriff Bobby Guidroz is speaking out on how he feels about the resignation of the “Cajun John Wayne”.

According to the St. Landry Parish Sheriff’s Office website, Guidroz released the following press statement on February 29th, expressing how he felt about both the controversial “Gremlins” video scandal and Higgins’ resignation:

“My orders to Higgins were to ‘Tone down his unprofessional comments on our weekly Crime Stoppers messages,’ and had nothing to do with the Gremlins video or with ‘Bowing down to political correctness.’ I happen to agree with the overall message of the Gremlins video.

Secondly, I repeatedly told him to stop saying divisive, disrespectful, or demeaning things like, ‘You have no brain cells,’ ‘Knuckleheads’, or ‘Liars.’

Thirdly, Clay Higgins appeared on the cover of a local magazine in full dress uniform, a direct violation of department policy, without my approval or authorization.

Furthermore, Higgins formed a Limited Liability Corporation (LLC) to raise money by selling mugs, t-shirts and other trinkets using the department badge and uniform. Additionally, Higgins utilized the department’s physical address in registering his LLC with the Louisiana Secretary of State’s Office. All of which are against department policy.

As your Sheriff, it is my duty and responsibility that the message to the citizens of St. Landry Parish be professional, on point, and truthful. The department Public Information Officer (PIO) is a representative of the Sheriff, the deputies and the department as a whole. If Higgins cannot operate within the parameters of this office and abide by our policies and procedures, then he is correct in resigning his position.

As your sheriff, I can assure you that my staff and I will continue to provide the citizens of St. Landry Parish with the most professional law enforcement services and protection.”

According to KATC, Higgins says he “has options” and will remain a constable In addition, he also will be a spokeman for an ambulance company and has set up a non-profit organization to help the local homeless population.

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  1. I like the Captain, but I agree with his boss. You’ve got to have a certain “degree of separation” between how you really feel and the dignity of your organization. You just have to be a bit careful. That’s why I am known as “Cooleemee Edd.” I need that certain degree of separation to protect my agency from what I really feel and want to express publically.

    Thank you all, “Men in Blue,” for holding down the fort. Those of us who are no longer in uniform support you to the death and will stand behind you (or in front of you), depending on how we can best help out. Blessings to all of you!

    Drive on, Captain! And keep reloading, America…they really ARE trying to get us.

  2. Hey Sheriff way to throw your deputy under the bus to save face for your next election. On behalf of law enforcement throughout the country. Eat a bag of Dicks.

  3. I don’t know anything about this department, or even this part of the country. But if the job of Sheriff is like it is in most place, the Sheriff is an elected official and is not someone appointed or hired by a City Council or a Board of Supervisors. In other words, being Sheriff is a political position–not a true law enforcement position. And how do politicians get elected and, usually more importantly to themselves, re-elected? The answer is that they have to cater to the public to get their vote. In a traditional Sheriff’s Department, the ONLY politician is the elected Sheriff. Everyone else is hired the traditional way.

    What I’m attempting to convey is that the Sheriff is only doing this out of political correctness. Captain Higgins is a true hero. He was not afraid to tell it like it is. This country does not need MORE politicians—-we need more people like Captain Higgins!! If the Sheriff received nothing but praise for the things that Captain Higgins did, we would not even be reading this article. But since there are so many people these days who are “offended” over the smallest, stupidest little thing, I’m sure the Sheriff received complaints. And instead of standing by his Captain and supporting him for being an EFFECTIVE law enforcement officer, he fired him!

    I am a retired LEO. I know the politics that go on inside police departments. I’ve never worked for a Sheriff’s Department, but I have plenty of friends who do. I know the ridiculous politics that happen when the boss is a politician instead of someone who is hired and fired by the City Council and/or City Manager. It means big decisions in the department are never made for the right reasons—-they are made for political reasons. And that’s exactly what this is.

    We miss you, Captain Higgins. There are lots of us cops out here who fully understand what is going on and we are sorry that your long, honorable career was ruined by another politician and “political correctness”. We need more Higgins’, and not more sheriffs.

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