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Sheriff refuses escort for Florida Georgia Line after officers not permitted backstage

Florida Georgia Line performing live. Credit: Facebook.
Florida Georgia Line performing live. Credit: Facebook.

Jones County Sheriff Greg Graver was headed backstage Saturday night at the Great Jones County Fair to discuss security protocol with Florida Georgia Line when members of the crew stopped him and said that at the band’s request, no uniformed police officers were allowed backstage.

The Iowa sheriff was also told that the band would withdraw from the show entirely if they saw police backstage, according to TMZ.

Ironically, about halfway through the show, the band requested a police escort out of town after the concert to which Sheriff Graver responded he wouldn’t spend “one tax dollar assisting them.”

According to TMZ the band reached out to several other law enforcement agencies but they all denied the request.

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Apparently this is nothing new for Florida Georgia Line, as the same thing happened with law enforcement in Wisconsin last week.

Blowback on social media was swift after word broke of their anti-police stance, and they were forced to issue as statement, via Twitter.  In the tweet, Florida Georgia Line said, “we want you to know that we have nothing but love and respect for the police. We are bummed anyone ever got a different impression.”

A quick look at their Facebook page and the photos that others have posted to it shows they have more than a few fans upset with their anti-police stance:

Credit: Facebook
Credit: Facebook

Only time will tell if they evolve their position on law enforcement, but for the moment, there has been no further comment from the band or their PR representatives.

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    • Funny how if you hate the police, you still expect them to work for you… yeah, ya know what ? you don’t like them, they tell you to go fuck yourself… “oh they have thin skin” wahhhhh!!!

      Fuck off bitch. You’ll never have as much pride, integrity, courage as anyone who puts on the uniform daily to protect sorry ass-clowns like yourself. Security for a band is a courtesy, not a requirement.

    • Barney I am a retired Trooper. It’s not thin skinned it’s showing the liberal politically correct dum dums that they need law enforcement. So trying to be nice all I am going to say is go back and watch the DNC and feel good about yourself.

    • Really I hope when you need a “pig” they just choose to allow you to take care of your own skin!

    • Barney Fife, probably a fitting name for you, gullible and weak. If the Pigs had that thin skin you claim they do, people like you would just “disappear” in the world. Hmmmm, maybe we should teach the cops to have thin skin, many of our problems might be solved.

      Say Hi to your Mother for me.

  2. Ver disappointed in Florida Georgia line . I do like their music, but they crossed the line on this one !Our law enforcement deserve more respect and they should apologize.

  3. Total bullshit. They HIRE PRIVATE SECURITY FOR BACKSTAGE. Some backwoods Sheriff couldn’t get free shit so he’s making an issue out of nothing.

    • If the search is “Illegal” you always have the right to make a formal complaint and press charges against them. Then you can go to the Police Station and ask for your Heroin back. I’m sure they will give it to you 🙂 I bet you are the guy that gets screwed buying drugs in a deal and is so smart he calls the cops on the dealer. SMH.

      On a side note, this site needs to stop with the “Select the Pie” Captcha Image, I am getting hungry 😉

  4. Big disappointment. I always loved their music and was looking forward to their next concert! No more, especially coming from Country Music artist.

  5. Sometimes a few of the cops in my area piss me off. They stop me to see if I am drunk because my car was at the bar for 6 hours (turns out I work there). Sometimes I get a ticket when I don’t deserve one, sometimes I get a warning when maybe I should have gotten a ticket (expired trailer tabs). Regardless, I support the police and I would be the first one to stand in front of them to shield them from stupid racist groups like Black Lives Matter. Yes, the police are here to protect us, but sometimes they need to be supported and shielded from Liberal garbage that only serves to disrupt their jobs. That is why a band like FGL taking this lame stance should be disregarded and left to pay for their own security. They aren’t even a REAL Headliner for God’s sake. But I have the feeling they think they are very important and need to be protected from that fan that might want a selfie with them. SMH. Oh, by the way….in my Pistol Shooting League, I lead everything and I am the only full time shooter that is NOT a cop and I let them know at every instance 😉 Good natured ribbing of course. Black Lives Matter (not the groups), Blue Lives Matter, All Lives Matter. Keep getting home to your families every night in one piece.

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