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Sheriff holds press conference regarding St. Pete beach arrest


Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri and Sgt. Bryan Bingham spoke during a press conference in reference to the St. Pete Beach video. The video shows Sgt. Bingham arresting two subjects who were fighting on the beach and resisted arrest.  You can see the full viral video of the arrests here.

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  1. Good Job Sgt. Bingham for reacting in a way that others were not harmed and you were able to complete your job and return home safely.

    • I think the published fails to appreciate that officers are sworn to protect,enforce and use that force which is necessary to affect an arrest if required. They aren’t expected to be victims of violent offenders although you might think that is the view of liberals and those violent offenders whose actions sometimes result in their demise. They go to work and do their jobs and have every right to go home at the end if their shift to their lived ones. If those members of society who cannot obey the law and challenge or defy the lawful commands of those officers, they should not be given the attention they currently receive from a liberal media. Without laws you have anarchy and chaos and without respect for those laws you have the same results. Therefore members of law enforcement stand between you and what I have just described by folks who just don’t agree with that. However, those folks are the same folks who criticize the actions of those officers and are responsible for the end results.

  2. I call bullshit that no one in the crowd helped. He called people off and civilians helped at the end. Get it right and drop the rgo that it was all cops.

    • Police officers can NOT enlist the help of the public. If one of those prick pokes a citizen in the eye after the officer asks to help the agency can be held liable. From your post I would assume you never wore a badge and have no understanding of how this works. Ego? Maybe yours!

  3. Very impressive how this Officer put himself in harms way and how he handled this situation!
    Jack Dunn
    Lieut Col/ret
    Mass State Police

  4. Great job Sgt Bingham!!! I support you and the way you handled these two thugs!!! And Sheriff Gualtieri I applaud you for standing up and backing up your officer!!!! We need more officers like both of you!!!


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