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Sheriff calls Homeland Security letter a "veiled threat" to law enforcement



According to The Denver Channel.com, Larimer County Sheriff Justin Smith says he received a “veiled threat letter” from the Secretary of Homeland Security warning him to support President Obama’s new immigration policy or face a loss of funding.

The President announced expansive executive actions on immigration in November which will include new deportation priorities that would compel law enforcement to focus efforts on tracking down serious criminals and people who have recently crossed the border. This will specifically make those who have been in the U.S. for more than 10 years a low priority.

Smith says the letter warns, “that if Congress didn’t send President Obama the DHS funding bill that he wanted (rubberstamping the president’s executive amnesty), local and state public safety agencies would not receive federal grants they were counting on because the president would veto the DHS funding bill.”

He then posted a response on Facebook to voice his opinion in a status update that reads, “Let me get this straight – the president believes he has the authority to nullify federal laws that don’t serve his personal agenda, but if Congress dares to exercise [its] responsibility of controlling the purse strings, he will willingly hold public safety grants hostage just to get his way?”

Smith took to Facebook again Wednesday reaching out to others in law enforcement, “I encourage my fellow law enforcement executives to stand resolute and not cave to these childish, playground bully threats from the administration.”

His final message was for the Secretary of Homeland Security, Jeh Johnson, “Mr. Johnson, please show some integrity and stop with the threats. Sheriffs don’t take kindly to them.”

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  1. nothing new… Government wanted 21 yo drinking age in the worst way, so threatened states with withholding federal highway funds if they didn’t comply…

    Big deal… Move on… Nothing to see here but right wing propaganda…