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She said she was drunk and flirted with officer to get out of a DUI, instead, she lied for clicks


A Colorado teenager is performing an apology tour after she said she falsely posted a video showing her getting drunk, driving, and supposedly flirting her way out of a DUI ticket.

According to WFLA, Skyler Fluss said, “I’m an idiot. Why did I post that?”

Fluss claims in the video that she blew a .38 on the breathalyzer, which would put her in the range of possible death for her body weight.

Fluss even claimed the deputy gave her his number and told her to meet him for coffee sometime, which was also false.

Fluss went on to say, “That was a lie. I was a stupid teenager. I was stupid and drunk, and it wasn’t true,” 

Bodycam video later revealed that the deputy pulled her over for weaving and that she sobbed through the traffic stop complaining about a recent breakup. The officer asked her if she had anything to drink that night and she replied “no.”

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