Home News Seven LAPD officers arrested on alcohol-related charges

Seven LAPD officers arrested on alcohol-related charges


In lieu of several arrests of Los Angeles Police officers on alcohol-related charges, the LAPD is urging its on to avoid drinking and driving.

Seven LAPD officers were arrested within two weeks, often on suspicion of DUI or other alcohol-related incidents.

Of those seven, three were caught at more than twice the legal limit.

A few of the arrests involved collisions that caused injuries, though the LAPD has been scarce on details.

“Over a short period of time leading up to the Holidays, the Los Angeles Police Department has seen an increase in alcohol related incidents resulting in arrest,” said Captain Kelly Muniz in a written statement, obtained by NBC 4. “The past weekend an all hands operation took place to craft messaging warning officers of the trend of Driving Under the Influence arrests and resources available to them,” she wrote. Our Behavioral Sciences clinicians have created additional training and employee meetings to prevent future incidents. Although alcohol resources and training are available to LAPD personnel, this does not take the place of criminal and administrative accountability processes that have been initiated and will be carried out.”

LAPD commanders released an email over the weekend, urging officers to think about what could happen if they were careless with their liquor.

“The consequences can be devastating,” the email read. “Do not risk your life or your career!”


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